A New York Times article today discusses just the latest, in a inordinately long list really, of failed consumer products for Microsoft, The Kin. The flashy, social-networking mobile device, has been pulled from shelves after less than two months (and only 10,000 units sold). This latest blunder only further accentuates Microsoft’s struggle to become relevant to the younger generation of tech consumers. Beyond that, with open-source business software fueling the young tech companies and software engineers, it looks like Microsoft is going to continue to have an up-hill battle to find some footing in this increasingly competitive space.

What’s happened to the software giant? Are they simply too far removed from the consciousness of young developers? Is their creative brand identity diluted, unfocused, non-existent? Have they forgotten to sell WHY they do what they do, and not HOW? Maybe it’s all of the above. But one thing is for sure, if they can’t answer these questions soon, it’s the beginning of the end for Microsoft.

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Jay Kubassek


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3 thoughts on “The fading relevance of Microsoft”

  1. Great post, Jay! It does feel like Microsoft is on borrowed time. Who would have thought this just a few years ago?

    I suppose they can remain a giant for lots of people (much like Amway is in the network marketing).

    Melissa and I truly have “gone Mac” and are not going back!

    It’s especially great to see you write about this topic because I know you and Aaron are never satisfied with the “status quo” with PRO … always looking to split-test, update and further provide more value.

    So we can rest assured that our system is always getting better.

    Thanks for that!

    Kevin Knecht

  2. Jay, I could not agree more! Microsoft got greedy. This is how I see it…

    Microsoft thought the best way to make money was by making the consumer consistently upgrade the product every 1-2 years. In their ever consistent change and ridiculous updates they have dug themselves into their own greedy hole.

    We are taught teach value, give value and build a business built on helping others.

    Unfortunately people make more money and they want more from where it came from so instead of “giving” they begin to think of ways to “get”.

    I personally go by my standard “The more I give, the more I will get in return” and I’m not speaking of money, I run my life on that standard. Even though I’m not wealthy by all means, I have a very fruitful life.

    Money is not the root of my happiness and maybe just maybe if microsoft would quit trying to be greedy, they would move up the ranks and not sink.

    I give my 2 thumbs up for Apple, I’m glad that people finally see that “the mac” is killer, I was using the mac back in the late 70’s when PC was not a household name.

    Go Apple…

    Web Video Marketer
    Las Vegas, NV

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