One would think the Chelsea Hotel would seize the opportunity to host the party for Abel Ferrara’s eagerly awaited documentary about the hotel steeped in history and controversy. Such is not the case as Executive Producer Jay Kubassek of Aliquot Films learned in a meeting at DeerJen Films, the initiator of the project.

“The hotel has been taken over by new management, the Chateau Marmont Hotel Group, which plans to transform the hotel with its well-known artistic-friendly origins into a high-end luxury residence. Ferrara’s documentary follows this transition. In fact, towards the end of filming, Ferrara was doing an interview with award-winning director Milos Foreman with the blessings of then owner Stanley Bard. Shooting came to a halt when a shouting match ensued between Ferrara and the new management. Maybe the Chateau group wants to distance itself from the film, due out in August, because of the well-publicized rent strikes and protests by long time residents? Meanwhile, we are all on the hunt for the perfect party spot that embodies the aura of the famed Chelsea space.


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