This past Friday the world of coaching lost its greatest titan. Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden quietly passed in Los Angeles, he was 99. Wooden became an icon leading the Bruins to an unprecedented 10 National Championships in the 1960s and ’70s (yep 10, in 12 years mind you). This past weekend saw a remarkable outpouring of memories, and the respectful remembrance of the inspiring Wooden inside and out of sports.

Wooden was an astoundingly prodigious leader and educator, building his dynasty on a foundation of simplistic precepts. His book Pyramid of Success has been advocated for decades by leaders of every variety. Wooden was a steward of meticulous preparation, and preached the perfection of details.

The first practice of each season, the coach famously would remind his players about pulling on socks smoothly and carefully lacing sneakers — he would allow no excuse for debilitating blisters (now that’s a detail!). Many urged him to copyright the pyramid for years, but Wooden refused feeling such things were not to be kept from people, rather they should be shared indiscriminately. A lesson we can all learn from.

Wooden was a true example of a life of service. A luminary leader who knew that leadership is not always rousing speeches from pulpits, but quiet whispers of guidance and support.

It isn’t what you do, but how you do it.” John Wooden-

All my best,


Jay Kubassek


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10 thoughts on “Humility, Excellence & Leadership personified.”

  1. Just also received a letter from anthony Robbins and a copy of the powertalk he had with John 20 years ago.JJ shared great inspiration of the man this morning as well.Your feelings so well put.People the likes of that man are rare. Great founders call tonight.Just want to thank-you for being who you are and what an honor it is to be affiliated with such great people in our ccpro community.March 28th was the day I can say when my life was elevated to a new level.This is the home and the community I have been waiting all my life to find.
    Keep inspiring us.Carmen Jones

  2. Mr. Wooden was a prime example of what is taught thru CCPro…in order to help someone else achieve success, you have to provide them with value they can share with others. Great post Jay.


  3. Your thoughts wewe appreciated by this World War II vet. Iwas surprised at how few flags wewe flying in our neighborhood yesterday. You’d think that is the least one could do for what others have gone through. Rest assured, next year will be different!!

  4. I certainly appreciate the above quote, “It isn’t what you do, but how you do it.” John Wooden
    Another wise man once said, “People don’t buy what you’re selling, they buy why you’re selling it..” Jay Kubassek.

    Thanks, Jay. Thanks John.

    Dr Charlie

  5. What a man!,what an icon!. He lived his life so that others could live theirs. He gave his life so that others could serve.In the end he stood for something, so that others would not fall for anything.John Wooden memories live on.

  6. I really appreciate that this organizations leaders were inspired to pay a fitting tribute to this great man. My husband is a UCLA graduate and had the great fortune to be at UCLA to witness first hand Coach Wooden and his teams rise into the history books. Three years ago I received an invitation to have lunch with John Wooden at a special event. I passed this invitation to my husband knowing how much it would mean to him to break bread with this “Icon” of a man. The picture of my husband with John Wooden hangs forever on his office wall as a treasured possession.

    May we all live to aspire to the heights of this man’s legacy of faith and inspiration.

    “Well Done” Jay

  7. Well put!
    It shines through that unselfishness is also a part of being a great leader (quote: “Many urged him to copyright the pyramid for years, but Wooden refused feeling such things were not to be kept from people”).
    That’s a great mans choice understanding the power of giving without want.
    Truly inspiring, thanks Jay and thanks John.

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