MESKADA Goes Into Production!


World Premiere Announced at Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival April 22, 2010


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Jay Kubassek and Aliquot Films are proud to have joined the MESKADA production which officially goes into production May 12, 2009. Shooting is scheduled to begin on June 8th.

Starring Nick Stahl (HBO’s “Carnivale”) Rachel Nichols (“GI Joe” “Star Trek”) Kellan Lutz (“Twilight”) Vincent D’Onofrio (“Law and Order” “Brooklyn’s Finest”) and Mary-Kate Olsen (“The Wackness”), Meskada tells the story of small-town detective, Noah Cordin, as he attempts to solve a juvenile homicide that occurred during a home burglary in his affluent town of Hilliard. The dead boy’s mother, Allison Connor, is a member of the Meskada County Board of Commissioners, and a powerful woman in Hilliard; and the entire township rallies together in solidarity – to support her and Detective Cordin’s efforts to find the killers.

Unfortunately, the burglars left no clues or leads at the crime scene – except for a tiny scrap of paper, which vaguely points Noah and county detective Leslie Spencer in the direction of Noah’s OWN hometown of Caswell. Noah and Leslie return to Caswell, where Noah re-connects with his old friends and roots, troubled at how economically downtrodden Caswell has become. Noah’s investigation into the Connor homicide starts off respectfully, as he enlists the help of his old friends Daniel Hartfield, a cop in Caswell, and Billy Burns, a local bar owner.

However, as Noah fails to extract a suspect, tensions rise feverishly between Hilliard and Caswell. The Meskada County Board of Commissioners threatens to derail a newly-planned manufacturing plant from setting up in Caswell, which would bring CRUCIALLY needed jobs into their local economy. Shocked by the threatened sabotage, Daniel, Billy, and all of Caswell begin their own investigation into their town – to reveal the killers and put their manufacturing plant back on track. And through all of this, Noah’s loyalties are torn between his past and his present…until the Connor murder investigation comes to a shocking climax.

Aliquot Films is NYC based independent film fund and production company founded by Jay Kubassek.



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  • T 10 years ago

    Looking for to it. Im a big Penn fan

  • Daphne 10 years ago

    Hi Jay,

    Just wondering if Nick Stahl or Penn Badgley is to star in Meskada? Clashing info it seems…

    Really looking forward to the movie!

  • Scans From Kellan Lutz's New Project 'Meshada' | Cullen Boys Anonymous 10 years ago

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  • Rachel 10 years ago

    Shit you guys, I was looking forward for this project because of Penn Badgley. he is a good actor.

  • heathermc 10 years ago

    The fact that Jay is on holiday in the Caymans through much of June does not bode well for the fate of this movie. Which is bad news for Kellan Lutz who is one of my favorite actors. And the plot of this movie sounds really interesting, too.

  • Jay 10 years ago

    Nick Stahl has been cast. Penn has Not:(

  • Jay 10 years ago

    Trust me when I say the other three producers will be able to handle things just fine while I am gone. Meskada is in really good shape and everything is on schedule.

  • Oliver 10 years ago

    Is Cynthia Nixon still cast?

  • Tamra 10 years ago

    can i still be an extra if nobody calls me even after sending an email with a picture, phone number, an my email? because i REALLY want to do it!

    my names tamra friss by the way!

    and i live right around the area and will be a dedicated extra!

  • cheryl 10 years ago

    How thrilling u guys are out front of my restr right now!!! hope you all come into La Conca Doro for a drink tonight!!!

  • T 10 years ago

    Disappointed to know Penn’s not in it no more. Know he’s been wanting to do a independant film.

  • angi 10 years ago

    Where is the location they are filming, anyone knows? Thanks

  • KattyBlackyard 10 years ago

    Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  • Jay 10 years ago

    Catskills, NY

  • Rachel 10 years ago

    Nick and not Penn? 🙁 will you cast him for your next project, he’s a good actor. will you?

  • Daniel 10 years ago

    I’m a film student and I’ve been told by my girl friends that Penn will be in this awesome indie film. They are excited for it and for him. But he is not one of the cast. Looking at those previous post. I guess a lot of people are looking forward to see him in this movie, MESKADA.
    Jay, is there any chance like Rachel and some other post will get their wish for Penn to be in one of your project?

  • Lil' Jimmy Norton 10 years ago

    Filming next to my house in Leeds, NY! Where’s MaryKate, she shooting in the area? (Opie & Anthony say “hello”!)

  • Ted 10 years ago

    Woke up this morning to the sound of trucks outside my door. Lots of trucks. “Looks like a movie shoot,” I said to my wife. Then came cameras…Friendly crew…Meskada. Valatie, NY June 25.

  • Ray 10 years ago

    was in town hall scenes today in Cairo, NY (July 1st) interested in doing more -please contact me – cast and crew was fantastic!!!

  • christine penczu 10 years ago

    i filmed with ytou guys yesterday in cairo!!! it was amazing

  • SETH 10 years ago



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  • Payton 10 years ago

    i cant wait until the movie comes out and i might get to see my face in the movie because i came as an extra and did the fair scene and the towns meeting and so did some of the rest of my family and my dad was definetly excited to meet john tucker

  • Joey 10 years ago

    I really enjoyed being a extra in your movie it was a great experience and i cant wait to see the movie. Nick your awesome

  • Jeremy K 9 years ago

    I just saw a picture of a man in the Slaters Grocery store in Cairo NY who looked like he could be Vincent D’Onofrios Twin Brother! The name on the pic is Dakota D’Onofrio. Any chance this was actually Vincent? I didnt think he had any brothers…

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