I have often said that the Internet is now the world’s most lucrative commodity. 1.5 billion (and growing) web users have turned the Internet into a modern alchemist. Each day, the web swallows another method of everyday commerce and turns it into a golden opportunity for business. Whether it’s books, contact lenses or movie tickets; everyday something moves online.

As we move further into this next decade, who and how Internet access is expanded, monetized and regulated will be of paramount importance to the world’s economic health. At the center of this evolution is bandwith, the “Black Gold” of the Internet age. Simply defined as the capacity to move information through a given channel; bandwith is hot becoming a growing source of contention as both private and government business representatives weigh in about the future of this scarce, but essential commodity.

What does this mean for the Internet entrepreneur? Well, definitely a few things. One, the global expansion of the Internet access is clearly without a plateau in sight. Two, the global expansion of Internet commerce is clearly without a plateau in sight. Will high powered servers supplant oil tankers as the treasure chests of global wealth? Unless we start running our laptops on crude oil, it sure looks like it.

Check out more information here: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1971133_1971110_1971125,00.html

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8 thoughts on “The New "Black Gold"”

  1. Kevin Flanagan

    Great Article as always. Beat selling mufflers, right..? Can’t wait to shake your hand next week. Kevin Flanagan,M1 ccpro.

  2. I have been telling my previous clients in the Hotel industry to wake-up to this fact, I left them behind and jumped on board with CCPRO – thanks for the info – just love it.

  3. The internet has leveled the playing field. There will only be two types of people moving forward: Those who understand it and create massive wealth and those who don’t and will be left in the dust.

  4. Great insight Jay!

    All I can say is I’m glad I found you, Aaron and Carbon Copy Pro when I did.

    I now have the tools and resources to take advantage of this ever expanding phenomenon.


  5. I believe you and Arron should know. My comment is yes there are 1.5 billion users, but they are still learning to use the internet. Most are playing and have not truly seen the real potential.

  6. For those that fail to see the evolution of technology and how it impacts our daily lives… they will be left behind.

    We’re at the head of the line of an industry that is rapidly emerging as a behemoth… the likes of which has never been seen before in history.

    CCPRO has given us some extended leverage for which I am extremely pleased to be associated with. I look forward to building deep relationships here. Many thanks!


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