Back in early 2004, my personal mentor referred me to a book with the world’s most cheesy title: “How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast”.

My initial reaction: “Yeah. OK. Show me the money, and then I’ll believe it.” But, he insisted that I read it asking me to “trust him.”

I have to tell you, in all the years I’ve been in business since then, if there is one resource I find myself  recommending to everyone who asks about my success – it would be this book.

Adopting the principles in this book has made the single largest impact on my personal business to date.

Here’s how it went down… I purchased the book online in February 15, 2004 and read the first half of the book casually. You know what I mean – reading something, but not REALLY taking it in. Just “reading it to read it”. We’ve all been there, right?

Then I realized simply reading this book was not going to cut it. I had to apply the principles diligently and accurately. I couldn’t treat it like a homework assignment if I wanted to impact my future.

I had to take the information from concept form and really work it into my psyche in order to shift the way I was thinking – permanently. (Ever do this with a great book?)

I went back and worked my way through the exercises of what Stuart calls “cybernetic transposition” and was able to create some sick results. (Keep in mind, I had zero prior experience and was barely computer literate when I started out.)

Also, keep in mind that I had been struggling as an online marketer for about three years up to this point. Here is the time-line after reading this book…

  • 2 months later I found a top tier direct sales company and signed up as one of their independent affiliates
  • 5 months later, I quit my job and founded Carbon Copy Marketing (later to become PRO U)
  • 8 months later I came in second place in a sales contest and won a big screen TV (Almost won the BMW!) This was also my first $30K month
  • 13 months later I had my first $100K month ($103,715.50 in commissions earned to be exact!)
  • 15 months later I bought my first house and paid 20% down CASH. (I promptly installed a Japanese water garden with fountains and pimped my garage:)
  • 24 months later I was averaging $50,000 a MONTH in commissions online
  • 44 months later I launched what would become the world’s most successful Internet marketing system for “newbies” called CarbonCopyPRO
  • 48 months PRO U was born and is considered by many to be the premier online business opportunity in the world with thousands of members in close to 200 countries
Four years later I am still recommending this book
YES, it has the world’s cheesiest title… but hey, that’s Joe Vitale for you. If you can find a way to look past that, you will notice the same thing that I noticed.

Of course I don’t expect you to be naive enough to believe that reading this one book did all this for me.

Of course it didn’t.

What this book did was open up a whole new world of possibility for me. It expanded my perceptions of what I believed to be possible for myself.

I am authentically sharing an incredible resource that has made an incredible impact on my life.

For sure, it took a lot of hard work and a ton of failures for me. But they all brought me to my reality today, which is a product and result of the way I think and who I “am.”

If you want different results, you have to think differently. This book helped me do that.

Nowadays, I get to travel around the world and help people like you create an Internet lifestyle. I have met some amazing people (maybe you at some point!) and done some amazing things… I’ve even been able to pursue my other passions outside of my business as well (feature films, my own book, and Baja racing – just to name a couple.)

All of these accomplishments are an indirect result of learning to focus my energy and eliminate my doubt using the exact techniques I learned from Stuart.

And it’s been too helpful to me to just hoard for myself. Everybody should have the same opportunity to learn and apply these principles that I did.

I personally guarantee that you will be blown away by Stuart’s book. Enjoy!

TIP: Once you purchase the book, sign up as an affiliate (if you actually LIKE the book, that is…) And send an email to your friends telling them about it! Include an authentic endorsement like I just did above and bingo! You are now an affiliate marketer:)



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