Between 2008 and 2012, the US economy lost over 12 million jobs.

Assuming we continue at the rate of growth that we had in April and add approximately 120,000 job per month, we will be back to 2008 employment levels by…. crap! The chart doesn’t go that far… 2050 maybe?

The purple line represents how long it will take if we add as many jobs per year as the BEST year in the 2000s (208,000 per month.)

To top it off, over 350,000 people simply gave up looking for work last month. (That’s why the unemployment % dropped a little.)

What is the upside in all of this?

Check out this chart which measures “necessity driven” entrepreneurial activity. (People who were forced to start a business, home based or otherwise out of necessity.)

What does this all mean to you?

There is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs who are correctly positioned to capitalize on this massive trend and that’s what PRO U is all about. We teach people how to setup and run a virtual direct selling business that delivers entrepreneurial mentorship to the 543,000 entrepreneurs starting businesses EVERY MONTH.

FACT: Recessions don’t create millionaires. Entrepreneurs like me create millions out of recessions!

Want to know how and why? Want to know how you could potentially do the same with my help?

Click here to learn more about how I can help you create the future and lifestyle you want. I have helped thousands of people generate millions of dollars in profits since 2004 and there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW!

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21 thoughts on “Is it really possible to create an "Internet Lifestyle" in 90-days or less?”

  1. Eileenvmiciano

    Big potential and workable. I know because this is my life, online entrepreneur, for 6 years now & thank God its doing good!

  2. Dionisia Piyadasa

    Yes Jay- A good mentor is what I need- ‘cos I have to start from A-B-C !! Dionisia Piyadasa, Sri Lanka

  3. Dionisia Piyadasa

    After I get a really good and patient mentor, there will be no looking back- as I am already 77 years old !!

  4. Mervrussell2007

    Well, I’ve been trying to find some thing on the WWW and so far, I’ve been ripped off coming and going. I’m down to the point that I do not have the money to do anything even it it smacked me in the face with a guarantee to make thousands of dollars the first month. I have been trying this for about eight years. When I first started, I was so fired up that I tried just about everything that crossed my computer screen. I was so naive, I have lost thousands of dollars. How many of you have done the same stupid things that I have? I’m not ashamed to tell this. The guilt is on the people that took my money with the intent of never doing anything other than taking it and run.

    1. Yes i have been duped a few times myaelf and i become cynical for awhile.before i plunge into another one…i dont make good decisions for myself i start ti feel and become frugal anf unwanting of taking the chances ibstill should be taking

    2. Ugh, I feel for you. I know what you are going through. In fact, I did a webinar today on this very topic! If you are on my list you will get a link to the replay soon Hang in there Merv!

      1. Mervrussell2007

        Thanks Jay, I doubt if there are many people that have made it the first time they were intruduced to the Internet marketing. Some, like myself just can’t get the hang of it and Ive trid for eight years and I’m not closer to make any money online that I was eight years ago. The biggest problem is I have gotten an information over load. There’s no way I can process all this information in any in a short time. I keep trying, my problem is that I’ve never found anyone that are welling to help. Most of these people that know how to be successful online just don’t have the time to coach anyone group let alone helping a one on one situation. I get to feeling sorry for myself some times and I stop and thing if what I do now will not matter in a hundred years. Will it? My kind regards to all of you.

  5. Mervrussell2007

    Well, I just bought into another opportunity, writing ads and blogs, I’ve been given so much information, I now have a mind block. I can not process all this information, I stayed up last night reading the info until 11:30 PM. I’m right where I was before I started to read the info. I don’t know, I may be one of those people that just can not grasp what I need to succeed in an online money earning job. Oh Lord, either give me the brains to make this work or just give me the common sense to get out of it altogether. I wish all of you the best, you deserve the best just for trying.

  6. I am not as old as the rest, born 25 years after the baby boomers and having just finished my entrepreneuship course an year ago. I have been following your articles and if i missed one all have to look for it. thank you for this great help and mentorship. I started a concierge business in Uganda and have been fighting so many obstacles that sometimes i feel to just want to give up but your articles give some boost…….

  7. Very insightful Jay, back up by good research and graph’s… Great Work Jay, you put this into perspective,,,,!


  8. I live the Internet Lifestyle. I am living proof that it is possible. There are many ways to earn online, from network marketing to affiliate marketing and hundreds of other ways. I am thankful that I was laid off and that I had unemployment to draw on as I learned my new skills. There is no such thing as “get rich quick”. Build the network and the skills you need to succeed, that is the “secret”.

    1. Hello Todd, I’ looking for a mentor to give some guide and support for a few hours to learn how to make money work for me and live the internet lifestyle. If you may assist or if you can suggest someone with experience mentorship that will be very helpful. Thank you

    2. Todd. Would you be willing to show me , step by step, how to do this on line business?
      How about this. Prove that this is possible by setting me up,personally,. Let the money come in THEN ‘ll pay you what you charge. I’m tired of throwing money out there then when I need support, there’s no one around to help.

  9. I’m from South Africa and we have the same problem – more and more of our own people are unemployed these days. I had to retire because of reaching the age of 60, but fortunately got a part-time job at the university again. I started my home-based business two years ago as associate of a US company and it’s growing.

  10. Hey there, I’d be very keen however I live in New Zealand which has such a small population so selling here is pretty tough … can you help?

  11. I just could not depart your website prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the standard information a person provide on your guests? Is going to be again ceaselessly to check out new posts

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